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All-Season Sleepbag

All-Season Sleepbag

Getting Started

All Season Sleepbag Support

Thanks for purchasing a Tommee Tippee All Season Sleepbag. This product support page is here to help you use it safely, and to answer any questions you may have.

Our All Season Sleepbag is suitable for use from 0 to 36 months.

All Season Sleepbag Features & Benefits

Safety Reassurance

Our All Season Sleepbag conforms to the European safety standard for children’s sleeping bags EN 16781:2018 and the Australia/New Zealand nightwear standard AS/NZS 1249:2014.

We developed this product with sleep scientists and a qualified paediatrician from Northumbria University, and it’s accredited by INPAA (a private Australian organisation that works closely with regulatory authorities, international affiliates, and industry members to improve infant safety).

What tog is the All Season Sleepbag?

Tog stands for Thermal Overall Grade. It’s a measure of warmth, rather than thickness. A tog value is determined by a lab test and the higher the tog rating, the warmer the product.

Our All Season Sleepbag is special because it can be easily transformed from a 1.0 tog to a 2.5 tog Sleepbag (and back again), so it’s suitable for year-round use!

What is the All Season Sleepbag made from?

The All Season Sleepbag's composition is as follows...

  • Main Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Mesh: 66% Cotton, 31% Viscose, 3% Elastane
  • Padding Outer: 100% Cotton
  • Filling: 100% Polyester Fibre

How to use your All Season Sleepbag

The sleep bag’s detachable outer layers mean that you can adjust baby’s level of warmth during the night with minimal disturbance.

First, lay the Sleepbag out flat with the zip fully open. Then, lie your little one down on top and gently pop in their arms. Finally, fasten the zip down from their chin to their toes. When fastening, it’s important to make sure that the zip slider is fully engaged, right at the top of the zip before sliding to close. Please ensure you correctly position the top zip guard over the zipper end.

To go from 2.5 to 1.0 tog, simply unzip from the waist and remove the poppers at the shoulders and slide out the Zip‘n’Pop™ insulation layers through the opening of the sleep bag.

During colder times when you want to go from 1.0 to 2.5 tog, slide the Zip‘n’Pop™ insulation layers through the opening of the sleep bag and pop on at the shoulders. Then zip from the waist all the way around.

Add or completely remove both pads (Zip‘n’Pop™) according to the room temperature and baby’s clothing. Do not use the Sleepbag with only one pad (Zip‘n’Pop™) attached. If the pads (Zip‘n’Pop™) are used, ensure both are correctly attached using the press fasteners and that the zips are fully closed.

All Season Sleepbag How to Use


  • Always place your child on their back to sleep.
  • Always use a clear flat mattress.
  • Do not use the Sleepbag with a baby nest.
  • Do not use the Sleepbag in a car seat or stroller.
  • Stop using the Sleepbag at first sign of damage.
  • Do not use the Sleepbag if the zip is damaged.
  • Do not leave unattached pads (Zip‘n’Pop™) in your child’s cot/bed.

All Season Sleepbag Size Guide

When it comes to choosing the correct size for your little one, the age range of our products is a good starting point, however we also recommend that you refer to the lower weight limits.

It’s important to make sure that your baby’s head cannot pass through the neck opening when the zip is fastened.

Approximate child age

Minimum child weight

Child height


7-18lbs, 3.2-8.2kg

Up to 68cm


18-25lbs, 8.2-11.3kg



from 25lb, 11.3kg


All Season Sleepbag What to Wear Guide

Always ensure that your child is dressed correctly for the tog of the garment and the temperature of the room. If you don’t know the temperature of the room that they’re sleeping in, we recommend that you use a room thermometer.

Please note that these are guidelines only and because all babies are different, we recommend that you check on your child regularly as they sleep to ensure they are not too warm or cold (don't go by their hands or feet as they'll often feel cooler), if in doubt consult a health care professional.

For more information, please take a look at our simple what to wear guide.


Room Temperature

Bedtime Clothing

14-16°C / 57-61°F




16-18°C / 61-64°F



18-20°C / 64-68°F



20-22°C / 68-72°F



22-24°C / 72-75°F



24-27°C / 75-81°F



Over 27°C/81°F


Guide Key 


Sleeveless Cotton Body Suit

Short Sleeved Cotton Body Suit

Long Sleeved Cotton Body Suit


All Season Sleepbag

Zip‘n’Pop™ Layers

Why is the All Season Sleepbag suitable for 24°C + but my other 1.0 tog sleeping bags aren’t?

It’s all down to the unique construction. A great example of this is the mesh fabric at the back of the neck and underarms, it’s been designed this way to enhance baby’s ability to release excess heat. As always, please remember to touch your baby’s skin to ensure they are not too warm.

How do I wash my All Season Sleepbag?

We recommend that you wash your All Season Sleepbag before its first use. Always close the zip before washing, gentle machine wash at 40°C, and then reshape while damp or tumble dry on low heat.You can use a warm iron but don’t iron over the back neck label.

SnugFit™ Intent

All our Sleepbags are shaped for a slimmer profile over the chest and waist, which enables full freedom of movement, without restriction or excess bulk. The bottoms of our Sleepbags are roomy, to allow your baby to adopt the natural, hip healthy “frog legged” sleeping position.

Why does my new Sleepbag have a red fire warning label?

We take our responsibilities in this area very seriously and from 2022 our Sleepbags are going global! We’re still using the same premium fabrics but with extra precautions to ensure our Sleepbags meet all the regional safety regulations.

In Australia and New Zealand, all nightwear for children aged 6 months to 14 years must carry a fire warning label. These safety standards are mostly based on the risk of the garment being exposed to an open flame. Any garments which hang loosely and are made from a more flammable natural fabric (e.g., cotton) must carry the high fire danger label.


For your child’s safety and health…

  • Keep away from fire.
  • Do not use if the child’s head can pass through the neck opening when fastened for use.
  • Ensure that the neck and arm openings are securely fastened.
  • Do not use a Sleepbag in combination with other bedding items e.g., a cot duvet or blanket.
  • Do not use a Sleepbag if your child can climb out of their cot.